imageWe arrived in Budapest on Friday afternoon, about twelve hours ahead of our luggage. Bad weather leaving Philadelphia delayed our flight, which meant that we had to sprint at DeGaulle airport in Paris to make our connecting flight. Our luggage couldn’t move as quickly.

imageimageSaturday we toured the twin cities of Buda and Pest in the morning, taking in the downtown area and the historic area around Matthias Cathedral in Buda. We visited what our guide claimed is the only Roman Catholic church in the world NOT named after a saint. Matthias Cathedral is named for a 16th Century military hero who repelled the Turks. His symbol is the crow with a gold ring in its beak, based – of course – on a legend about Matthias’ recovery of a ring given to him by his father Pretty unusual ornament for a Catholic church.

imageThen it was back to the ship to begin our journey to Vienna, Sunday’s destination. Lunch on the fore deck under beautiful skies and 78 degree weather. And German beer. Life is good.



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