A Modern Plague Pillar

World Trade Center PillarI recently did some traveling through Eastern Europe and Germany. In some of the cities I visited I was struck by the appearance of so-called “Plague Pillars.” These pillars were erected in various town squares, from Budapest to Vienna to Prague, during the Middle Ages. Their purpose was either to ward off the spread of the Black Plague, or to praise God for sparing that particular town from the Plague, which decimated many European cities during that time.

Then in September I visited the World Trade Center 9/11 Memorial, and saw what I would argue is a modern rendition of the Plague Pillar. I leave the reader to determine whether this pillar remains standing to remind us of the tragedy that struck the U.S. that day, or to show that we were not defeated by this event. Or both.

Or maybe something entirely different is being communicated by this sentinel. Comments welcome.

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